Plasti dip

plastiWhat is plasti dip?

Basically, Plasti dip is a rubber coating that can be applied to any surface to give it a fresh new look or feel. It protects against harmful everyday road debris such as rocks, sand, salt, and ice. It leaves a deep matte finish wherever applied but can also be “glossified” on certain areas.

Protects car paint,trims and badges.

Looks modern and up to date. And gives an eye catching look thats sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Very affordable and completely reversible without any harm to original surfaces, Plasti dip peels off in minutes!

Plastid dip is the next best thing in the automotive industry and is expanding rapidly.

Unfortunately we no longer Plasti dip wheels.

The latest vehicle we dipped using Matt Black Plasti dip

Before Dipping                                After Dipping  







Video showing how strong Plasti dip is.